Manufacturing & Engineering

Canning Factory

Certainly, the largest site Factory Solutions Ltd had become involved with (apart from the bakery at Al Khaj) –two areas totalling nineteen thousand square meters all devoted to two bottling halls; and the task – to arrive at a heat gain figure for each. The relief was that many of the seven lines shared common components such as drive motors, gear boxes, control panels and heat shrink wrappers, seven units not heating continuously, but ensuring all the halls, even in the coldest winter, were never cold; (there must be another way to strap together eight plastic bottles of soft drinks!) After several days on site walking each of the seven lines we had our ‘stats and passed on the report to the contractor. So, it just remained how to deliver enough air to ventilate the nineteen thousand square meters with a megawatt of heat gain and recovering at least some of that heat at the same time. Now that has got me thinking…those shrink wrappers!